Overview of Features

Map-A-Pic Purpose

To help you find, remember and share locations you’ve found. It’s especially useful for photographers, film makers, and other creatives.


1. Creating Locations

  • Instantly save any location and its GPS coordinates
  • Snap a picture of the location, or use a picture already on your phone
  • Add up to 10 pictures per location
  • Give your location a name, and add your notes
  • Add tags to your location. Use the tags that the app comes with, or add your own
  • Create locations from the pictures on your phone. If the pics are geotagged, the app will use that information in your location (Android only. Coming soon on iPhone)
  • The app automatically detects the street address for the location (if available)

2. Reviewing Locations

  • Edit any field of your saved location, including updating the pictures and the position on the map
  • View your saved locations as a list or on the map
  • Filter your locations by tags
  • “Star” your favorite locations
  • Get directions to any of your locations
  • Email your locations to yourself or a friend
  • Post your locations on Twitter and Instagram
  • Sort your location list by recently created or nearest to you
  • See the distances in meters or miles


Best Pre-Production Apps for Filmmaking


9 months ago

MapAPic has been featured as one of the best apps for preproduction by IndieWire. See the article to find out why, and learn about the other recommended apps!

New Year Sale!


2 years ago

To ring in the New Year, Map-A-Pic is on sale until January 1! Get it now for $1 instead of the regular price of $5. Hope everyone is having a good end of the year, and we’re wishing everyone a … Continue reading

The New Version Lets You Create Locations From Existing Pictures!


3 years ago

  We’re happy to announce the new version of Map-A-Pic for iPhone! Map-A-Pic 1.6 includes an important and much-requested new feature: the ability to create locations from existing pictures. The app can now read your pictures’ geotag data, and use … Continue reading

Announcing Stampie, a postcard app!


3 years ago

Let’s face it, location scouting is hard work. And Map-A-Pic is the app that helps you with that work. But what if you want to take a break, and share a beautiful view with your loved ones? We’ve built a … Continue reading

Map-A-Pic for iPhone 5 Is Here


3 years ago

Great news! We have updated Map-A-Pic and Map-A-Pic Lite for the large iPhone 5 display. So if you are rocking one of those beautiful shiny things, get your update now! The new version (1.4) also includes a fix for emailing … Continue reading


Bloggers and Journalists

If you’d like to write about Map-A-Pic, please feel free to use the resources below.

Map-A-Pic for iPhone Press Release (pdf)

Map-A-Pic for iPhone Press Kit (zip)

We’ll be glad to send promo codes to reviewers (subject to availability). Please email us at info@mapapic.com with your request.


About the Developer

Map-A-Pic is developed by Sea To Software, LLC and its founder, Pavel Sorokin. Pavel is a software engineer based in Seattle.

Contact Us

The Map-A-Pic developer is looking forward to hearing from you! If you have a suggestion or a bug report, please send me a message. I personally read all the messages from users.