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I’m working on a major update for the app, due this spring. I’m looking for some folks who are passionate about MapAPic, and want it to be the best app it can be. Sign up below to become  a beta tester, and I’ll send you an invite, probably in late February. I’d love to hear your thoughts about the app, what works and what doesn’t, and what features you’d like to have!

If you haven’t purchased MapAPic yet, you’ll get a free copy of the app when it is updated. Regardless of whether you own a copy already, you’ll also get 3 free download codes to give out to your friends! It currently sells for $3.99 in the U.S., but the price will go up once the update goes live.

If you’re interested, please sign up below.

All the best,
Pavel,MapAPic Creator

Privacy disclaimer: I will use your email only to get in touch about the MapAPic beta program. I may send you an email while the beta is running, to let you know what’s new in the app and what to look for. I will not opt you into a regular mailing list, or give your email to a third party. I hate junk mail as much as you do. 

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The New Version Lets You Create Locations From Existing Pictures!


Create a location from an existing image.
Create a location from an existing image.

We’re happy to announce the new version of Map-A-Pic for iPhone! Map-A-Pic 1.6 includes an important and much-requested new feature: the ability to create locations from existing pictures. The app can now read your pictures’ geotag data, and use it in the new location. Creating a location this way is very easy: in the New Location screen, add a picture from your photo library. If the picture has geotag data in it, you’ll see a little white map marker  on it. Tap on that picture, and your new location will use the coordinates where it was taken!

If you change your mind, and want to use your current location instead, tap the “target” button in the top center of the screen.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. Thanks for using Map-A-Pic!


Announcing Stampie, a postcard app!


Let’s face it, location scouting is hard work. And Map-A-Pic is the app that helps you with that work. But what if you want to take a break, and share a beautiful view with your loved ones? We’ve built a new app for that, called Stampie. Stampie is a simple and pretty-looking app that creates electronic postcards — with your smiling face in them! It takes 5 seconds or less to create a such a postcard.

1) Take a picture of something beautiful with your iPhone

2) the app switches to the front-facing camera so you can take a picture of yourself. That picture goes into the virtual “postage stamp.”

3) Your postcard is “stamped” with the current date and your city.

That’s it. You can move and resize the stamp if you want, or you can just save or share the postcard! It’s a fun and unique way to share the joy with your loved ones. So, next time you’re out scouting for locations, send someone a Stampie postcard, and brighten their day!

Stampie is available on any iPhone or iPhone touch that has a front-facing camera. It currently sells for US$0.99 or equivalent amount in other currencies. App Store link.



Map-A-Pic for iPhone 5 Is Here

Great news! We have updated Map-A-Pic and Map-A-Pic Lite for the large iPhone 5 display. So if you are rocking one of those beautiful shiny things, get your update now!

The new version (1.4) also includes a fix for emailing locations with lots of pictures. In the older versions, emailing a location with about 8 or more pictures would cause the app to run out of available memory, and the emailing would fail. Now we resize the pictures before sending them, so you can email locations with as many as 20 pictures and more.

Thanks for using Map-A-Pic, and stay tuned for more updates!

The FREE Map-A-Pic Lite App Is Now Available

Good news again! We’ve released a FREE version of Map-A-Pic. So now you can try our app before you buy it! Map-A-Pic Lite has the same great features as the full app, except:


  1. The app can have up to 5 locations in its database (vs. unlimited in the full version). Once you have 5 locations, you can add new ones if you delete some of the older ones.
  2. The Sun Insights feature only available for your current position, for today. With the full version, you can view the Sun Insights for any of your saved locations, for any day in the future. In case you didn’t know, Sun Insights is our new feature that shows the times of sunrise, sunset, and the morning and evening Golden hour.

If you want to try out Map-A-Pic risk-free, why not download it now?

Map-A-Pic Location Scouting App with Sun Insights Is Out Now!

We have great news to share with you today: Map-A-Pic for iPhone has been updated to version 1.2. The new version includes some great new features, such as the times of sunrise, sunset, and the Golden hour for all your saved locations! We call this feature Sun Insights, and you can get those times for your present position as well. The app shows you the sunrise/sunset times for today, but you can select any date in the future to plan your shoot.




Another new feature in this version is the built-in picture editor. Now, you can tweak the pictures of your locations by improving their color balance, cropping, and applying some exciting filters.






We have also refreshed the look of our app, making it much prettier, and made some important improvements to the location list/map view. Now it’s much easier to flip between the list and map views of your saved locations. If you search your locations, or filter them by tags, that search or filter will apply when you switch from the list to the map view, and vice versa.




The new location details screen now is now much more spacious, with the pictures and the notes getting their own full-screen view. Just tap on “Details”, “Pictures” or “Notes” at the top to switch to the section you want.

The “Sun” button at the bottom takes you to the Sun Insights screen, where you can see the sunrise/sunset/Golden hour times for this particular location.



These are just some of the great features included in Map-A-Pic Location Scout 1.2. If you already own the app, be sure to download this free update. And if you don’t have it yet, get it from the App Store now!

Developer’s Personal Blog

You are all invited to check out the new personal blog of Pavel, the developer of Map-A-Pic. In his blog he’s going to write about his personal thoughts, as well as about software, his experiences as a bootstrapped entrepreneur, tips on building apps, photography and other things that he finds interesting at the moment.

Stop by and say hi!

The iPhone Release And Future Plans For The App

I’m sure you know by now that we’ve launched Map-A-Pic for iPhone. This is an exciting event for us (well, for me, since I’m the only person behind Map-A-Pic. –Pavel), and I hope you like the new app. Looking back, I wish I had started with the iPhone version instead of the Android one. Although the iPhone platform (and the programming language used there, Objective-C) was completely new to me, I wrote this iPhone app in half the time it took me to release the Android app. As a self-funded developer, this stuff matters. Also, without disclosing the numbers, I’ll say that although this was not a big launch, the first day in the App Store brought me more money than the Android app did in its lifetime (since November 2011). Granted, that number was not hard to beat. So you can guess which platform is going to see more attention from me going forward :)

I have a number of cool features lined up for the future releases of Map-A-Pic for iPhone. One of them will definitely be the iPad support. I know you love your iPads and want to have Map-A-Pic running on them. I’m going to make sure it happens. There are other features as well, but I’ll keep them secret for now. Send me your suggestions! If I get enough users talking about the features they want, then we can use the democratic process to decide which ones should be addressed first. So don’t be a stranger and write me.

One more thing. If you like the app, please consider leaving a positive review on the App Store. If you can, like us on Facebook, or tweet about us. It’s hard to promote an indy app, and every little thing helps. In return, you’ll get more exciting app updates, my undying gratitude and +50 points to your karma.

Enjoy my app, take great pictures, and take care!

Seattle, Washington