App Overview


MapAPic Purpose

To help you remember and organize locations and plan your shoots. The app is made for photographers, film makers, and other creatives.


1. Add Locations

  • Instantly save any location and its GPS coordinates
  • Snap a picture of the location, or use a picture already on your phone
  • Use your current coordinate, or one from a previously taken picture (if the EXIF data contains a GPS location).
  • Give your location a name, and add your notes/
  • Add tags to your location. Use the tags that the app comes with, or add your own.
  • The app automatically detects the street address for the location (if available)

2. Organize and search your locations

  • Full-text search
  • Filter by tags
  • Order location list by nearest first, or most recently added first
  • “Star” your favorite locations
  • Edit any field of your saved location, including updating the pictures and the position on the map

3. Get info about your location

  • See the times for sunrise, sunset, golden and blue hour for your locations
  • Get directions
  • Email your locations to another MapAPic user