How To Get The Best GPS / Street Data In Your Locations

To help you get the most out of Map-A-Pic, I’m starting posting a series of super-short tutorials. Today, I’ll tell you how to ensure your saved locations have the best possible geolocation data.


When you save a new location, the app gets your current coordinates from GPS and saves them along with the location data. That will be enough for most people.  However, in certain situations the location may be off and will need to be adjusted:

  • if the app could’t lock on the GPS signal while saving the location
  • if you imported a location from an existing pic, and the app couldn’t get geotag data from that photo
  • if you want to save a location that is some distance away from you

Here’s what you can do in such cases.

First, you can always fine-tune the location from the map view. Open your location, go the Map tab, and move the pointer to where you want it. This action updates the street address automatically, as shown on the picture below:

How to update the location by moving the pointer on the map



Finally, if you want to change the street address (because it’s been determined incorrectly by the app, etc), you can just edit it by tapping on the edit button in the location details view.


How to edit the street address for your location


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