The FREE Map-A-Pic Lite App Is Now Available

Good news again! We’ve released a FREE version of Map-A-Pic. So now you can try our app before you buy it! Map-A-Pic Lite has the same great features as the full app, except:


  1. The app can have up to 5 locations in its database (vs. unlimited in the full version). Once you have 5 locations, you can add new ones if you delete some of the older ones.
  2. The Sun Insights feature only available for your current position, for today. With the full version, you can view the Sun Insights for any of your saved locations, for any day in the future. In case you didn’t know, Sun Insights is our new feature that shows the times of sunrise, sunset, and the morning and evening Golden hour.

If you want to try out Map-A-Pic risk-free, why not download it now?

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