Map-A-Pic Location Scouting App with Sun Insights Is Out Now!

We have great news to share with you today: Map-A-Pic for iPhone has been updated to version 1.2. The new version includes some great new features, such as the times of sunrise, sunset, and the Golden hour for all your saved locations! We call this feature Sun Insights, and you can get those times for your present position as well. The app shows you the sunrise/sunset times for today, but you can select any date in the future to plan your shoot.




Another new feature in this version is the built-in picture editor. Now, you can tweak the pictures of your locations by improving their color balance, cropping, and applying some exciting filters.






We have also refreshed the look of our app, making it much prettier, and made some important improvements to the location list/map view. Now it’s much easier to flip between the list and map views of your saved locations. If you search your locations, or filter them by tags, that search or filter will apply when you switch from the list to the map view, and vice versa.




The new location details screen now is now much more spacious, with the pictures and the notes getting their own full-screen view. Just tap on “Details”, “Pictures” or “Notes” at the top to switch to the section you want.

The “Sun” button at the bottom takes you to the Sun Insights screen, where you can see the sunrise/sunset/Golden hour times for this particular location.



These are just some of the great features included in Map-A-Pic Location Scout 1.2. If you already own the app, be sure to download this free update. And if you don’t have it yet, get it from the App Store now!

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2 thoughts on “Map-A-Pic Location Scouting App with Sun Insights Is Out Now!

  1. Awesome Update!
    Only thing I’m still missing desperately is the option to use geotagging information from pictures to create a new location.
    But I know it’s planned…
    Definitely best app of it’s kind.

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