Announcing Stampie, a postcard app!


Let’s face it, location scouting is hard work. And Map-A-Pic is the app that helps you with that work. But what if you want to take a break, and share a beautiful view with your loved ones? We’ve built a new app for that, called Stampie. Stampie is a simple and pretty-looking app that creates electronic postcards — with your smiling face in them! It takes 5 seconds or less to create a such a postcard.

1) Take a picture of something beautiful with your iPhone

2) the app switches to the front-facing camera so you can take a picture of yourself. That picture goes into the virtual “postage stamp.”

3) Your postcard is “stamped” with the current date and your city.

That’s it. You can move and resize the stamp if you want, or you can just save or share the postcard! It’s a fun and unique way to share the joy with your loved ones. So, next time you’re out scouting for locations, send someone a Stampie postcard, and brighten their day!

Stampie is available on any iPhone or iPhone touch that has a front-facing camera. It currently sells for US$0.99 or equivalent amount in other currencies. App Store link.