The iPhone Release And Future Plans For The App

I’m sure you know by now that we’ve launched Map-A-Pic for iPhone. This is an exciting event for us (well, for me, since I’m the only person behind Map-A-Pic. –Pavel), and I hope you like the new app. Looking back, I wish I had started with the iPhone version instead of the Android one. Although the iPhone platform (and the programming language used there, Objective-C) was completely new to me, I wrote this iPhone app in half the time it took me to release the Android app. As a self-funded developer, this stuff matters. Also, without disclosing the numbers, I’ll say that although this was not a big launch, the first day in the App Store brought me more money than the Android app did in its lifetime (since November 2011). Granted, that number was not hard to beat. So you can guess which platform is going to see more attention from me going forward :)

I have a number of cool features lined up for the future releases of Map-A-Pic for iPhone. One of them will definitely be the iPad support. I know you love your iPads and want to have Map-A-Pic running on them. I’m going to make sure it happens. There are other features as well, but I’ll keep them secret for now. Send me your suggestions! If I get enough users talking about the features they want, then we can use the democratic process to decide which ones should be addressed first. So don’t be a stranger and write me.

One more thing. If you like the app, please consider leaving a positive review on the App Store. If you can, like us on Facebook, or tweet about us. It’s hard to promote an indy app, and every little thing helps. In return, you’ll get more exciting app updates, my undying gratitude and +50 points to your karma.

Enjoy my app, take great pictures, and take care!

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